Farm and Personal Wealth

Often the bulk of your time, effort and money is spent on the family farm – working it and investing in it over a lifetime dedicated to the land.  The farm comes to represent the bulk of your wealth – a concentration of your financial and emotional wellbeing.  But this can be risky, could put the farm under undue pressure, and may ultimately make it difficult to realise or pass on your wealth when the time comes.  Building and protecting wealth as you go along is important and what you do today will affect what you can do later in life.

Building Wealth

You probably spend a lot of time working on your annual farm budget and you understand where luck fits in.  You probably wouldn’t take the risks involved in farming without a budget, a plan of how it will hopefully turn out at the end of the year.  But if that is your only plan to build wealth then you could be flying blind when it comes to the rest of your life and this is where Munro’s can help.


  • Investing

    It goes without saying that you will invest in your farm.  But what proportion of your time and resources are you able to devote to other investment areas such as non-farming property, shares, deposits etc.?

  • Farm versus personal

    Farm and personal fortunes become intertwined over the years and when the farm takes care of your needs, it’s easy enough to think everything is sweet.  But if you moved off the farm tomorrow, what could you take with you?  How much cash would you need?  If you needed to borrow, what security could you offer?  What income could you use to live on?

  • Superannuation

    We like superannuation as a life planning tool and you’d like the tax and cash flow advantages flowing from super to build your wealth a bit faster.  But what assets, timing and how much you feed into superannuation needs some thought. 

Protecting Wealth

Whilst building wealth may well be a life-long focus, Munro’s is well placed to help you protect what you have worked so hard to achieve.

  • Strategy and planning

    It is sometimes said that those who fail to plan, plan to fail!  Key to strategy and planning is knowing what questions to ask and what issues to consider.  From this perspective, having a knowledgeable advisor involved in the process can reap enormous returns.

  • Diversification

    A key element to any wealth protection plan is to have sufficient diversity built into the portfolio without creating unnecessary distraction from the main event.

  • Insurance

    You probably understand better than most the impact a severe weather event can have on your life and you naturally seek to insure against those risks.  But there are a range of other risks that could upset the apple cart very quickly indeed and having an understanding of the relative potential impact of those insurable risks becomes critical to wealth protection.


When that day eventually comes, happiness in retirement will depend on your expectations being met.  Munro’s helps you spell out those expectations and helps you work towards achieving them.

  • Succession

    A key element to a happy retirement is knowing that the family farm is in the right hands and that everyone in the family feels they have been treated fairly and rewarded justly.

  • Superannuation and annuity

    Defining how much income you need from sources both inside and outside superannuation is a key objective in any retirement planning and understanding the rules really helps.

  • Wills and estates

    We all hope to retire and enjoy the fruits of our hard work, but what do you do with what’s left when you die? Having an up-to-date will that accurately reflects your life plan is critically important and tying that in with the family business is crucial.

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The Family Farm Survival Guide

In this guide, we explore the four big questions around family farm survival:

  • When do we really need to be thinking about long-term, inter-generational survival?
  • Who does this affect?
  • What are we going to do about it and what does “fair” really look like?
  • How on earth are we going to do this?
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