Ensuring family owned farms work harmoniously while maximising and protecting their wealth over multiple generations.

We understand the many and varied challenges faced by privately owned farms and their families and recognise:

  • Not every family member needs or wants the same thing
  • It can sometimes be a lonely and stressful existence
  • The need for the right work / lifestyle balance
  • The difficulty in separating the farm's finances from personal financial goals
  • The emotional as well as the financial attachment to your farm
  • The transition of ownership to multiple family members

We help you as a family farmer to:

  • Maximise your farm profitability and personal wealth goals
  • Protect your wealth today and into the future
  • Maintain the right balance between your farmwork, family and lifestyle
  • Remove the emotion from your decision making
  • Have the difficult conversations and resolve disputes
  • Transfer farm ownership in an orderly, fair and practical way

We provide you with:

  • The facilitation and implementation of practical financial, management and succession structures specifically designed for family owned farms
  • A proactive and independent sounding board for you and your family on an ongoing or ad-hoc basis
  • All the associated business advisory, accounting and financial services a family owned farm requires

The Family Farm Survival Guide

In this guide, we explore the four big questions around family farm survival:

  • When do we really need to be thinking about long-term, inter-generational survival?
  • Who does this affect?
  • What are we going to do about it and what does “fair” really look like?
  • How on earth are we going to do this?
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